Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dylan's 13th Birthday

It is hard to believe Dylan is now 13 years old. His birthday was June 10th. I have been so busy with work and school, now's the first chance I've gotten to post about his big day. This year Dylan wanted a cookie cake. I ordered a double layer because I didn't want to miss out on the icing. Mrs. Field's knows how to make cookies. The cake was delicious. I didn't realize how big it was going to be, but we had James' mom, dad and cousins Linda and Dank to help us eat it.James' parents were in town for Dylan's birthday and watching his baseball game. James' cousins, Linda and Dank also came to watch him play. We were a very loud group. Everyone kept turning around and staring at the people who talked funny. LOL
For Dylan's birthday dinner, he chose to eat at Bandanna's. Notice the huge smile on James' face. This is his favorite restaurant, so he was happy Dylan chose it.

James' parents enjoyed our neighborhood yard sale. His dad bought items and tried to turn around and sell them again for profit. Didn't work out quite like he'd planned.

I took James' mom & cousin Linda to old Saint Charles. We visited all the shops and found the most amazing spice and mixes shop. The key lime pie cheese ball was delicious and caused us to spend way too much money. LOL

It was a great weekend celebrating Dylan's birthday, watching baseball and visiting with family.

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